Hospice Services
The Hospice interdisciplinary team consists of the Hospice medical director, nurses, social workers, home health aides, the chaplain, volunteer coordinator, and volunteers. The Hospice team works together to develop a plan of care for each patient. The patient's family physician and minister are also encouraged to attend team meetings for additional input regarding the patient's status.

Hospice Medicare Benefit

As a nonprofit agency, Hospice services are provided for all eligible persons, without discrimination, regardless of their ability to pay. The Hospice Medicare Benefit provides comprehensive coverage for services related to a life-limiting illness. Most charges are covered 100% for the patient, including medications and medical equipment. Medicaid and most private health insurance plans provide coverage for Hospice care.


Hospice nurses are experts in pain and symptom control. They provide in-home assessments and education about the illness to maximize the patient's comfort. The Hospice nurse evaluates the patient's physical status and works with the patient's family doctor to manage symptoms of discomfort and control pain. If needed, Hospice provides assistance with a home health aide to ease the burdens of care giving on the family.

Social Worker/Bereavement Services

A Hospice social worker provides counseling to the patient and family and helps patients access insurance benefits and community resources. The social worker also provides emotional support to families at the time of death and 13 months following the death of a loved one with phone calls, home visits and newsletters. The bereavement counselor/social worker coordinates and facilitates bereavement support groups in the community.

Volunteer Services
A Hospice volunteer coordinator coordinates the volunteer program. Volunteers provide respite and emotional support for the patient and family during the illness and bereavement period. Volunteers also assist with transportation, light housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, shopping and errands.


Medications that are related to the terminal illness are provided for the patient through our pharmacy program.

Medical Equipment

Medical equipment such as but not limited to hospital beds, wheelchairs and oxygen are provided for the patient as needed.

Chaplain Services

A Hospice chaplain coordinates spiritual care with the patient and family and/or with the patient's minister.

Grief Support Services for the Schools
The Grief Support Services for the Schools is a collaborative effort with the Alexander School system to offer additional resources to the counselors and principals in each school. A Hospice Medical Social Worker works closely with the counselors to offer support and special counseling to identified children who are working through grief and loss of a loved one. The grief counseling is provided in small group settings with the counselors and/or individually with children. The Hospice Medical Social Worker is currently working collaboratively with the school system to establish a Crisis Management Team to respond to the students when a crisis situation occurs in a school. Within the next year, our goal is to offer a day long bereavement camp for those students who have suffered the loss of a loved one.

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