When should the patient and family make a decision about Hospice?
At any time during a life-limiting illness, it is appropriate to discuss all of a patient's options for care, including hospice.
Should I wait for my doctor to mention Hospice, or can I bring it up?
The patient and family should feel free to ask the physician about Hospice at any time.
What if my physician does not know about Hospice?
Most physicians know about Hospice. If your physician wants more information, they can call Hospice of Alexander County at 828-632-5026 or the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization Helpline at
Must someone be with the patient at all times?
In the early weeks of care, it may not be necessary for someone to be with the patient. However, as the illness progresses, the patient will need someone to care for them. There should be a designated person willing and available to provide care when that time comes. While family and friends must be available to provide most of the care, Hospices do provide volunteers to assist with errands and to provide a break and time away for the caregivers.
How difficult is caring for a dying loved one at home?
It sometimes can be quite hard. At the end of a long, progressive illness, nights can especially get long, lonely, and scary. Hospices have staff available around the clock to consult with the family and to make night visits as appropriate.

How does Hospice manage pain?
Pain management is a priority for Hospice nurses. They are up-to-date on the latest medications and devices for pain and symptom relief. The nurses stay in close contact with your physician to assure that you are receiving the most effective medication for your pain.
Can Hospice care be delivered in places other than the patient's home?

Yes. Hospice staff can provide care to patients in a nursing home, rest home or assisted living facility.
Is Hospice care covered by insurance?

Hospice coverage is widely available. It is provided by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private health insurance policies.
If I do not have Medicare, Medicaid , or any other health insurance coverage, will hospice still provide care?
Hospice of Alexander County provides care regardless of the ability to pay. Donations are a primary source of funding hospice care for those who cannot pay.
Does Hospice do anything to make death come sooner?
No. Hospices do nothing to speed up or slow down the dying process. Hospice provides support during the dying process.
Does Hospice provide any help to the family after the patient dies?
Hospice stays in contact with the family for at least a year following the death of a loved one. Hospice of Alexander County hosts a support group meeting monthly for any one who has lost a loved one. Call 632-5026 for meeting dates and time.

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